Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MK-Ultra [strain review]

Purchased from:
Green Valley Collective [G.V.C.]

Genetics - OG Kush X G13
Review: This strain was overall a weak indica. I bought a gram of this from Green Valley Collective in Northridge area I think and I wasn't really pleased. The taste was very nice, minty flavor. The smell was strong, that's how I ended up choosing it. Also because the guy there said this was a nice one. But the look was not so great, it was dry looking and dark in color, although it wasn't dry. G.V.C. has some good strain, I would say pass on this strain here and get something better, like "Purple Wheelchair" or "Butter OG" or something else.
I think this probably wasn't grown properly or was old or mishandled or something, because an OG Kush hybrid should be super stoney in my opinion.

Other info: If grown properly, can have up to 18%+ THC content.


  1. Super strong hybrid. I actually have some right now and I'm high as fuck and I've been puffing on Bubba K for the past two weeks! I would highly reccomend this strain, if it's grown properly of course. Fuck GVC

  2. im growing it right now bitches. it looks and smells fucken dank. FUCK GVC . find a store that tops off at 45 an 8th . i go som OG , Blackberry, and master bubba for 45 bitches ahhahah.

  3. got some right now, it smells insane (almost if a skunk had diarrhea....no joke)--but its a good smell. bout to blaze some...............wish me luck haha

  4. Picked up on a quarter of some mk ultra this shit fuken bomb ifu get ur hands on some good grown mk get some it the highest I been in a while

  5. got some from Berkeley Patients' Care Collective...
    it was either MK Ultra or Master Kush (which is also trusty good bedtime bud).. i just vaped a big bag and omg...


  6. mk ultra is awesome my shit smelled a lil like a fresh mint smell kinda hard to describe and i had people smoke this shit and they called it brainfuck lol

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