Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Power Plant [strain review]

Smell: 8
Taste: 5
Look: 8
High: 9
Overall: 7.3

Indica or Sativa? not sure, sorry
Is it worth it? No, I would try something else.
Price? $20/gram - $55/eighth

Review: I don't know for sure that this is Power Plant but whatever it is got me super stoned. Got it from Anonymous and he said it was Power Plant. I really liked the smell of this stuff, it smelled like mango juice. The taste was kind of gross, not really like anything, just burnt. But the high was really strong in the body, I assume it was an indica. It kept me stoned off two bowls between two people for awhile, about two hours. Even though the overall is rated 7.3, I would rate this at least a 8.5 because the high was so good and strong, really thick throughout the body.


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  2. I second that. You Ass muncher

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  4. You probably didnt smoke power plant, because that plant is sativa dominated and has a pleasant kind of weak taste that doesnt make it hard on ur throat. And the colour on the bud u have take a picture on, doesnt look like ordinary power plant. Smoked power plant yesterday ^^

  5. wow this is pretty accurate. i just got mine for 20 a gram lol.

  6. "i don't know for sure that this was power plant"... these kind of reviews are useless, please if you aren't a grower and don't know for sure what you are reviewing, keep your comments off a review site

    1. lol! ya this type of review is very useless!!! lol! i'm the one who wrote these reviews and lol, gotta agree with you. this was just my first postings on this blog and was testing around before actually posting reviews on dispensaries... lol, happy medicating everyone :)

  7. I just got this for $12 a gram :)
    Very potent for an ok price.

  8. About to purchase couple grams $10 each.